Located in the hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines


Gastronomia Piccinini is located on the hills of Reggio Emilia near the Carnione park and has been working in the sector for about 10 years with origins that date back to a century-long history of a pasta makers’ family.

The history of our fresh pasta dates back to about one hundred years ago from the tasty and unique recipes born from the traditions of grandma Amedea in her small restaurant located in via Radici, Muraglione di Roteglia, near Reggio Emilia.


Our office: Carnione National Park

Gastronomia Piccinini is located in Baiso, on the hills of Reggio Emilia, more precisely in the Secchia river valley, immerse in the Carnione National Park. This choice is not a coincidence, as we wanted to keep the tradition of living within nature. We truly believe that working in a healthy environment is beneficial for our employees as well as for our products.

The family history of our Gastronomia: from grandma Amedea and dad Romano to the sons Stefano and Matteo.

The business is active for about twenty years, although its roots are way older: they come from a big family of cooks and lovers of good cuisine.

The history of our fresh pasta dates back to about a hundred years ago, to the traditional recipes made by grandma Amedea in her small tavern in Muraglione. The Secchia valley was a transit place (since it is located between the hills of Tuscany and Emilia), in which grandma Amedea used to cook traditional meals for those travellers that were stopping to rest and eat a plate of tortellini with broth or green tortelloni with fragrant butter and sage. Our Gastronomia was born from a very simple thought: if people are coming to eat our tortellini to a small and remote village as Muraglione, they will be surely very happy to buy them nearby their homes.

From the “rezdora” – a local term referring to housewife and head of the household – Amedea to the son Romano and the grandchildren Stefano and Matteo, the old recipes have been handed down with fidelity and devotion: the process started with the use of traditional techniques and afterwards with semi-industrial in order to satisfy the growing demands of the market.

Our business philosophy pursues the high-quality and simplicity of our products.

The recipes of our products are faithful to the Apennine traditions.


We constantly want to improve the quality of our products.

We are confident that producing local and genuine food with respect for nature and environment establishes a virtuous cycle. Using clean energy from renewable sources without harmful emissions allows to preserve and improve the physical characteristics of the territory, in which our raw materials grow; improving local raw materials permits us to obtain high-quality products while keeping alive local gastronomic traditions.

We respect the environment and take care of the world around us.

The clean energy produced, thanks to the new photovoltaic system, is equal to 55,000kWh per year and permits us to avoid harmful CO2 emissions of 1309,54 ounces per year: equivalent to planting a 165 acre forest every year.

We respect our customers and their needs.

The savings collected by the practice of renewable clean energy and the use of local raw materials results in high-quality products at reasonable prices, easily available in the major supermarket chains.

Pasta P&P – Pasta for Pleasure

Pasta Factory in Montecatini Terme – Tuscany
Many many years ago, in 1945, Marietta was working in a small shop; she was used to make pasta.
Every day she offered her costumers something good: with a little flour, some eggs and her own wriggle, she was able to prepare the products that the time has not changed yet. Form then on, the shop became a company and the company expanded and changed its name. The quality did not suffer the consequences, since Marietta’s descendants have always been seeking to offer top level products.
Our company has been always addressing to costumers seeking for high quality products. Up to day we are still preparing homemade pasta, homemade tortellini, even if we have technological equipments.
We are craftsmen because we have a vocation that drives us to work to see our company flourish, to inspire our costumers with reliance thanks to new products and thanks to embellishments to our pasta factory – for our pride and for our duty towards our work.


Pasta is one of the flagships of Italian food tradition, the element of identity that distinguishes Italy in the world, with the quality and great variety of its fresh pasta.

Each region of Italy has pasta recipes handed down from generation to generation. The goodness of a fresh pasta dish begins with the selection of excellent raw materials and continues with family handed down recipes. The same recipes and the same selected ingredients that Pasta Piccinini Italy uses for its products.

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