Stuffed pasta, a true hymn to flavors

Our most popular items, tortellini and tortelloni are our bread & butter! (or better, sage & butter). The careful selection of our raw materials makes our Tortellini and Tortelloni unique in flavor and of exceptionally high quality. They come with different fillings and in different colors, too: we have the availability of making plain, spinach and rainbow dough. We are also developing a 100% vegan format.



Mediterranean flavors of italian gastronomy

Our stuffed pasta is realized with fillings that belong to the classic Mediterranean flavors of Italian gastronomy. We have embraced the philosophy of preparing our stuffed pasta only with seasonal products to keep following the ancient tradition: the available food in nature is the primary ingredient. This decision was made to guarantee a high-quality product belonging to our territory. Our Innovation & Research team also work tirelessly to constantly introduce new fillings that meet the market trends, like 100% vegan and organic ravioli.  A few minutes in boiling water and the dish is ready to be enjoyed!



Fully cooked and ready to eat

Penne, Fusilli, Cavatappi, Gemelli and many more shapes available! Our pasta is fully cooked and ready to eat, great for pasta salads and meal kits, a best seller within the food service industry and a perfect option for co-packers. Our pasta has a long and stable shelf life that eliminates extra cost from waste and spoilage.



Ready for any occasion

When you say “pasta fresca” – fresh pasta – memories about ancient and remote flavors at grandma’s house come to mind; Pasta is one of the musts of the Italian gastronomic tradition. Each region has made its own version of gnocchi thanks to their possibility of being prepared in different ways and with different food. Eating pasta is the perfect chance to taste an excellent first course. Here, we make a wide variety of fresh frozen Pasta – Linguine, Fettuccine, Wide Noodle, Lasagna, you name it! – that will remind you of those beautiful moments at grandmother’s kitchen in front of a nice plate of steaming pasta.



The pinsa is a novelty.

The name comes from the process of stretching the base, which is different from classic Pizza.
The raw materials are Italian, 3 flours (Durum wheat, rice, soy), water, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
Its uniqueness comes from the high hydration of the product, composed of a high percentage of water, which makes it very digestible. The yeast used is mother yeast with centuries-old strain, which makes the product lighter than classic brewer´s yeast. The leavening process lasts 48 hours, the stretching is then done strictly by hand because of the great hydration of the product, which is why it has an artisanal image.



Perfect for every season

Gnocchi is a historic recipe in the Italian tradition, from a simple recipe come explosions of flavors that are
perfectly suited to the various seasons. The raw materials are Italian and of the highest quality.